If you have a question about Ealing Arts & Leisure, membership, advertising or our printed brochure What’s On, please take a look at the frequently asked questions below. If you can't find what you're looking for just get in contact.


What’s On listings

What's the easiest way to send in my entry?

The easiest and best way to get your entry into the Diary is to use the form on this site. You can use it for events up to a year ahead – but please don’t send it off until you’re sure your information is accurate. The printed diary of events, What’s On, is simply an extract from the web version.

You can email your entry to if you prefer (but using the web form should be simpler, and help you give the right information in the right order), or use the paper form included with members’ copies of What’s On

When will my entry appear? 

Your entry will appear in the website diary as soon as it’s dealt with by the editor, who will email an acknowledgement if you’ve included your address.

In print, an entry for an event on a specific date or dates will be shown in the edition which includes the event’s date(s). A long-term entry (e.g., for a weekly meeting) will appear in the next edition.

How long will my listing be displayed in the printed version of the diary?

Your diary listing will normally expire after the date of your event, or at the end of the next printed diary’s period for a long-term entry, but if you put a month and year into the ‘Display until’ section of the form, we’ll repeat a long-term listing until then unless you replace it. We can’t repeat listings for regular events for more than a year, though, as no-one would remember to cancel them when their group folded.

How do I know my entry has been received?

As long as you've filled in your email address, the diary editor will acknowledge your electronic entry as it goes onto the website, which gives you a chance to check it. Please send again if you haven’t heard back after a few days. Even better: ring Richard on 020 8567 4075, as he only checks EA&L emails every so often.

I don’t think my event entry has got through: what should I do?

If you think your entry has not got through and it’s close to the deadline, please re-send it and also ring Richard the editor (020 8567 4075) to check it’s arrived. Everything electronic arrives by email, and these can go astray, so don’t be afraid to phone.

Who manages the distribution of the printed diary? 

Distribution of the What’s On is handled by Hazel Talbot <>. She’ll be delighted to hear from you if you have an idea for a new outlet – and even more so if you can offer help with the distribution.

Is there a difference between the website and printed versions of What’s On?

The same information is used for both the web and the printed versions of the Diary. The editor will acknowledge receipt as your entry goes on to the website, so you can check there that the text is correct.


What's the deadline for What’s On printed diary of events?

The deadline is one month in advance, so for the June/July edition, for example, your info must arrive by 1 May.

How far in advance can we publicise our events?

You can publicise events on the website up to a year ahead, but they will appear only in the relevant printed What’s On.

If I have multiple events do I need to submit a form for each?

If you have more than one event, send a form for each. If you have regular events (say, weekly or fortnightly), list them on a single form. We’ll then show them as a single entry under (e.g. ‘Wednesdays’).

How often is the What’s On diary of events published?

What’s On (the printed diary) appears every two months.

I’ve missed the print deadline but I still want my information on the website; is this possible?

If you’ve missed the deadline for the printed diary but want your info on the website, please use the entry form but also ring Richard (020 8567 4075), as he may otherwise not deal with it until the next deadline approaches!

How often will I be invoiced?

Invoices for extra lines are sent out every three issues, i.e., twice a year.

How much does it cost to add an event to the What’s On printed diary?

There is no charge to members for up to 6 lines in What’s On. Extra lines are £2 each.
Allow at least a line each for:
● Member organisation name + date
● Title (optional)
● Event details
● Venue
● Contact details

We apply a consistent format to keep the Diary readable, but we do our best not to waste space.

Charging is purely to cover printing costs. If you don’t need your space in an issue it’s carried forward, so you can have 18 lines in the six-month charging period.

What’s On distribution

I’d like to get What’s On delivered; is this possible?

Yes. To receive a printed version of What’s On by mail six times a year, please contact the distributor on 020 8997 7131 or A year’s subscription costs £10 per household per year.

Where can the complete Ealing Arts & Leisure diary of events be found?

The complete diary of events can be found on this website, and the appropriate parts of it appear in print bi-monthly. There are sections for Art & Crafts, Culture & Learning, Dance & Movement, Drama, Film, Comedy & Poetry, Leisure and Music, plus Multi-activity for events which cover more than one of the other sections.




How do I apply to become a member?

Ring membership secretary Richard Partridge on 020 8567 4075 for a quick chat to make sure Ealing Arts & Leisure is for you, or email him: He’ll then send you the membership forms.

What does membership cost?

To find out the latest rates visit the join page.

As a member will I receive a copy of the printed diary?

A copy of What’s On is sent to the relevant contact for each society, together with a printed entry form for the following issue (but please send your entry electronically if possible). If the wrong person is getting What’s On, let the membership secretary know.

Where are the member organisations listed?

Every member organisation’s name is shown in the back of the printed Diary, and there is a full list on this website, with more detail.

Who can become a member of Ealing Arts & Leisure?

Ealing Arts & Leisure exists to support and promote arts and leisure activities in the borough of Ealing. Whether you’re an amateur organisation, individual or professional group we’d love to hear from you.



Can a non-member take out display advertising in the printed version? 

Yes. Both members and non-members can take out display advertisements in the printed diary of events, What’s On, and on the website. See our advertising page for details and prices.

I’m interested in advertising in the What’s On printed diary; how do I find out more?

If you’re interested in a display advert in the printed edition (also available to non-members), visit our advertising page to find out more.

What does it cost to advertise with Ealing Arts & Leisure?

To find out the latest prices for display advertising visit our advertising page.