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Ealing Arts & Leisure exists to support and promote arts and leisure activities in the borough of Ealing.


Membership benefits

Members can list their events for the next two months in What’s On, our printed diary of events, and for up to a year ahead in the website.

  • The diary is always on the website and can be updated at any time
  • What’s On lists two months-worth of events. It appears in print six times a year, with a run of 5,000 copies, and is distributed to the public via libraries, community centres, shops, doctors’ surgeries, etc., giving a probable reach of 20,000 readers
  • The first six lines in each What’s On are free of charge. Extra lines cost £2 each, averaged over six months; see also our help page
  • Members also have reduced rates for display adverts: see the diary adverts page
  • Members’ details are always listed on the website members’ page, which can be useful if you don’t have your own website. Also, members are listed at the back of What’s On

What’s On, our printed diary of events, appears every two months

How to join

Ring membership secretary Richard Partridge on 020 8567 4075 for a quick chat to make sure Ealing Arts & Leisure is for you, or email him: He’ll then send you the necessary membership forms.


Membership rates

The annual subscription, which runs to the end of July, depends on the size of your organisation.

  • Organisations with members: we go by the number of members – not the number of people in your audience if you perform
  • If you’re just one or two people who accept fees for teaching or classes, we rely on you for an honest estimate of the number of paying users you typically have


A: up to 10 members / subscribers £25
B: 11 - 25 members / subscribers £37
C: 26 - 50 members / subscribers £50
D: 51 - 100 members / subscribers £65
E: 101+ members / subscribers £115

If you join after the end of January, you pay half the above rates to take you to 31 July